Frequently Asked Questions

- Why use a Sleeping Bag instead of a blanket to cover my baby?

A Sleeping Bag is the safest way to cover a sleeping baby and keep them warm. 

Covering a sleeping baby with a loose blanket may increa se the risk of SIDS. Since a regular blanket doesn't stay in place as the baby/toddler moves while sleeping, it may present a suffocation hazard (specifically for babies who are less than one year old), and it will also keep your baby/toddler exposed to the cold.

Sleeping Bags are wearable blankets that stay in place no matter how much your baby/toddler moves while sleeping. They ensure your little one is kept safely warm and they also eliminate the risk of SIDS.

- What sizes do Sleeping Bags come in?

We currently carry sizes from birth and up to 4 years old (105cm height). 

Please check our Size Charts for more information. 

- Do Sleeping Bags come in different materials for different seasons?

Yes they do. Our Sleeping Bags come in a variety of materials for various ranges of room temperature for each season.

- What are the Tog values of Snugglez Sleeping Bags?

Unfortunately, our products are not really Tog rated, because we work with materials from local suppliers, who are not familiar with Tog values.

However, in order to make it easier for you to choose the right Sleeping Bag for your little one, we always mention the appropriate room temperature range for the use of each Sleeping Bag.

We also provide a Layer Guides to help you figure out how to dress your baby using our Sleeping Bags at each room temperature range.

- Should I choose a Basic or a Walker Sleeping Bag for my baby?

Basic Sleeping Bags are best for babies who have not yet started pulling up to a stand.

Basic Sleeping Bags can also be used for older babies and toddlers, provided they are already used to wearing a Basic Sleeping Bag and understand that they can't stand/walk in it.

Walker Sleeping Bags are best for babies who have already started- or are about to start- pulling up to a stand.

Walker Sleeping Bags are also highly recommended for toddlers, to allow for more mobility.